Glass & Glass

This collection of functional hand created glass lighting is highly adaptable to suit any project, commercial or residential. There is an extensive catalogue of standard lights which can be given a unique appearance by adjusting the coloursGlass & Glass Colours and/ or finish of the glass. True custom design is also embraced by the designers at Glass & Glass and these projects can be facilitated by Emily Ziz directly with the design studio in Italy.

Lead times for orders can be as quick as 4 - 6 weeks and samples of all of the glass components are available via our Sydney showroom.

Ambient (download pdf)


Bambu (download pdf)


Bolle di Vetro (download pdf)


Chicchi (download pdf)


Contemporanei (download pdf)


Dischi (download pdf)


Eliche (download pdf)


Flores (download pdf)


Ganci (download pdf)


Ghirgori (download pdf)


Habitat (download pdf)


Liquidambar (download pdf)


Murano (download pdf)


Reflections (download pdf)


Sciabole (download pdf)


Spicchi di Arte Veneziana (download pdf)


Veneziani (download pdf)

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