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Popsiebelle is an innovative children’s brand of tactile accessories coupling whimsical design with educational undertones. The brand revolves around Popsiebelle’s namesake: a fanciful young girl with the most vibrant imagination. Her imagination takes her on a whirlwind of magical adventures filled with strange, wondrous and beautiful creatures.

While each product in the Popsiebelle range is created to promote imagination, our Story Pillows truly embody this philosophy. Each pillow is handmade out of denim and felt, hosting five main characters and other whimsical adornments. The pillows act as a segue between the ordinary and extraordinary, transforming an everyday item into a platform for imaginative storytelling between parents and children.

Unlike a traditional storybook which delivers the same tale upon each telling, the Story Pillow provides a wealth of stories to be discovered every night; instead of an author unfolding the plot, the child conjures up the script, characters, and setting of their very own narrative. This will not only aid in the child’s imagination, but will also help with memory recall to continue previous stories.

Nurturing a child’s imagination through storytelling is an excellent way to foster creativity and develop verbal skills, whilst providing parents and your child with a much needed opportunity to communicate and engage with one another in an intimate and rewarding manner. Active storytelling will inevitably allow your child to think in a nonlinear manner, aiding them with their problem solving and ability to think ‘outside the box.’